Building communities one trail at a time


Everything else that a riding great trail provides.

Our Team

Our team are trail professionals on a mission to ensure that the right trails are built in the right place for the right reason, with the systems in place to manage them effectively.

The Blue Sky Trails team empower passionate people, with knowledge, strategies, and tools to build and maintain trails that sustain and grow their communities.

We have the skills and experience to deliver your project to the highest possible standards to achieve our mutual purpose of building communities one trail at a time for a healthy and prosperous future.

Blue Sky Trails Director, Craig Meinicke, as Chair of the Mountain Bike Australia Trails and Advocacy Commission was instrumental in facilitating the development of the national guidelines for mountain bike trail development, including a revised trail difficulty rating system.

Craig continues to drive improvements through the QLD State Advisory Council for AusCycling.

We have established working relationships with Epic Environmental, AEC Group and Natural Trails to ensure all elements of your trail ideas and needs are covered.

Blue Sky Trails origins

Craig grew up on a farm at Apple Tree Creek, south of Bundaberg, Queensland. Some of his fondest memories as a child are roaming on the land for hours on end, the freedom to ride and explore, as long as he was home by dark, the world was his oyster.

Now as a parent of twins, this is what he appreciates more and more with his own children, and he doesn’t want the experience he had growing up to be lost for them or others.

By combining his skills gained in the corporate world, with an in-depth knowledge of trail design and development and a degree in environmental science, Craig established Blue Sky Trails to facilitate the creation and management of trails for generations to enjoy.

Craig is a community orientated volunteer

  • Member of AusCycling’s State Advisory Council (SAC) in Queensland representing the Mountain Biking community,
  • Brisbane Valley Rail Trail (BVRT) Steering Committee member, and
  • Trail Care Coordinator for the Northside Trail Care Alliance

“I view trails as a catalyst to improving communities, keeping people together, and growing sustainably”

We are a business for good

We want to ensure that philanthropy is a core element of our business, which is why we have partnered with B1G1 – Buy 1, Give 1 – to allow us to give to those who need it the most by doing the things we do every day.
B1G1 allows us to give a percentage of our revenue to worthy projects, so that you can help make the world a better place without going out of your way.
At the moment, we are giving to a charity that helps save and protect the Daintree rainforest, and a project which provides computer access and training for aboriginal children in remote communities.