Helping trail builders focus on building

Helping trail builders focus on building

Delivering the framework to support your trail builds

We know builders want more clients. We know builders want to build and be out on the trails.

That’s what we do, we help you win more clients, build more trails and spend more time building communities one trail at a time.

We know builders do not want to spend time on funding submissions, governance and management frameworks and training and templates and the list goes on.

We leverage our knowledge to assist trail builders to be more efficient and profitable


Delivering the framework to support your trail builds.

  • Feasibility and business case development
  • Grant and funding submissions
  • Tender development and management
  • Contract development and management

Risk Management and Trail Governance

  • Public safety and insurance assessment
  • Trail auditing and assessment
  • Management system documentation packages
  • Trail management and construction training


Trail Management App

Regular trail audits are essential and our App’s essential saving you time, money and minimizing risk.

“The future of trail management & safety is here”

Trail Vision is an asset management platform that allows for seamless collection, analysis, presentation, and sharing of trail information that empowers and enables informed decision making and risk management practices.

Electric Barrows

Our electric powered wheelbarrows will make your working day easier!

Worksites have loose, rough, or wet ground with slopes and in remote locations on the trails. We know they all involve the need to move materials safely and efficiently to and around the site.
Hero Dirt Industries is now powering builds and our barrow allows you to get more work done with less effort.
Our electric battery-operated barrow is easily maneuvered, environmentally friendly, light weight and yet durable for all your building needs.


Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress
Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

Building trails is only the start, great trails need great governance, they need to generate revenue and they need to be managed and maintained.


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