helping clubs engage the community

helping clubs engage the community

“We empower passionate people with advice, training and tools to manage trails that sustain and grow communities.”

We understand the challenges that clubs and community groups face when they are working to gain access to land, secure approval and funding for new trails, and to manage groups of passionate volunteers.

Time, money, and resources are often the pain points.

Blue Sky Trails delivers services to make managing trails and trail care activities easier for clubs and to allow members to spend more time riding.

We are club members and volunteer trail builders ourselves, so we get the issues and the effort it takes to run a successful club.

Blue Sky Trails delivers services to make managing trails and trail care activities easier for clubs and to allow members to spend more time riding



  • Concept and master planning
  • Feasibility and Business Case development

Project Management

  • Grant & funding submissions and acquittal processes
  • Tender development and Project management

Risk Management

  • Trail management and construction training
  • Stakeholder engagement support

Trail Governance

  • Auditing platform including our mobile App
  • Trail governance frameworks & templates

our products

Trail Management Training Workshops

We have 1 and 2 day Trail Management Training packages for clubs, volunteers as well as land managers and organisations.
As the Chair of the Mountain Bike Australia Trails Commission, Craig Meinicke lead the team that developed the Australian Mountain Bike Trail Management Guidelines
Our workshops are designed, to meet your needs and are hands on practical to benefit your members, club and local trail networks.

Hero Dirt Industry Electric Barrow

“get more work done with less effort”

Designed and manufactured in Australia and available to purchase as a complete electric barrow OR as a kit that you attach to your existing wheelbarrow and powered by your own 18 volt batteries.
This means you don’t have to throw away your existing barrow but simply attach the electric kit and convert your conventional wheelbarrow to an electric wheelbarrow.
The Hero Dirt Industries barrow is unique as we can configure the electric kit to suit any brand of battery you may already own. Not only can you reuse your own barrow, but you also don’t have to buy new batteries.


Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress
Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

Turning ideas into trails

Our trail development roadmap ensures your trails become a reality.

There is a lot of work to take a trail from a concept to wheels on the ground. Many great ideas never happen because the driving force behind the project becomes disillusioned. It’s too hard to create a trail on your own.

“We have developed a road map which converts amazing trail ideas into reality.”

We support people who are passionate about trails stay the course, to see the finished product so that everyone gets to experience amazing trails.

We are happy to discuss your road map to reality.